Hemp Ens process.

This week I started a Hemp Ens (medicinal cannabis) process. A remarkable thing happened. The first layer was amber colored while the next two layers are beautiful green.

4 thoughts on “Hemp Ens process.

  1. Hello Peter
    Grateful for having this website. The only question I have is how do you make the saturated oil of tartar solution using distilled water and how do you make a pure alcohol solution so that the Ens process works ? I don’t have Melissa so I have used sage, mint from a local stop and shop and a spearmint plant from a nursery in my neighborhood. I use an air still that I put 100 grams of potassium carbonate to 2L of 96% grain alcohol. I am able to get it to 98.5% after a few hours using the air still and measured by a hydrometer. When I make oil of tartar, I use distilled water to pour in a pan filled with potassium carbonate while trying to dissolve it by using a cooking wooden stick. I have also tried using the humidifier with pan of potassium bicarbonate in an enclosed bin I got from Walmart. With the first method of making oil of tartar I am not sure how to tell it is saturated and with the second I get a small amount and also I am not sure how accurate it is. I figure my oil of tartar solution is not completely saturated because when I add my 98% or so absolute alcohol to the Ens – oil of tartar solution it does not immediately draw most of the Ens like a magnet out of the oil of tartar to the alcohol. I shake down the mixture against advice to get the Ens going into alcohol with the mint and sage. However with the spearmint Ens I did not shake the Ens-oil of tartar-absolute alcohol mixture and have let it sit for 18 hours so far. The Ens has yet to migrate up to the alcohol layer. Has this happened to you before? And is it possible that my oil of tartar solution is not supersaturated or absolute alcohol at 98% is not good enough? Will appreciate your expertise.

    Ps- just to let you know when I pulp the mint or sage leaves with some of the oil of tartar and then put it in a jar to which I have added oil of tartar, I also add an extra amount of potassium carbonate powder to absorb any extra water that is in the plant so that after separation of plant from Ens-tartar solvent later on I don’t have to worry about the alcohol getting diluted by some left over water.


  2. For your matter, did you use the actual female flowers or just the hemp, ie. male leaves, stems, etc. Also, any report on the effects of the ens. Great site by the way. Thank you.

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