Bio: My name is Parusha and I'm from the Netherlands. On this blog I will publish all kinds of matters that are related to Alchemy or the Great Work. I'm a practitioner of the Arts for almost 30 years and since 2007 I'm involved into practical Alchemy. I was and am involved in different magical and mystical orders and received my alchemical training from a different private teachers. Received teachings and practices from the East and the West. I discovered that Alchemy is really my passion and that I yield very interesting results on many levels. For about a year I published material on Facebook but many people suggested I should start a blog and thus it happened. Everything that I publish here would be my personal experiments and ideas about matters concerned with Alchemy in particular and the Great Work generally. My path is the sum of all those different schools and coming together in the Art of Alchemy. Versatility has its strength and weaknesses. I decide to pick up the positive side of it. All other means I've learned are part of my magical toolbox in order to accomplish what we call 'the Great Work'. One is All, All in One.

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