Engraved pentacles and sigils with the burin.

On these pictures you can see some of the pentacles and sigils I made and engraved with the Burin.

I noticed a significant difference when engraved with a dremel. The burin engraved ones seem to be more powerful. Its mentioned in the grimoires that the burin should be used and that’s not for nothing.

Daimon and binding angel.

In the tradition of the Shemhamphorash there is a hierarchy of angels and spirits (Demons or daimons). The ruling Angel (archangel) and the angel also called binding angel. To bind the daimon. When one use this type os spirits is a good idea to ask the binding angel to oversee the daimon’s task and  not going to do things what is not requested nor what is un -ethical and therefore troubles others and oneself.

Important note, Daimons or Goetic spirits are not  ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ as such. Its an old Christian way of thinking about this. They are more earth bound and have, like human beings, a good and a bad side. So they can be misleading when not dealt with properly and therefore the help of the hight beings like angels are required. On the earthly plane (Assiah) they will give the quickest results. Where Higher beings are sometimes too lofty to solve mundane affairs. So one link to the higher  must be first firmly established before support might be asked from the Goetic spirits. Also the use of the Psalms is a very good idea to do. They are very powerful.

On the pictures you can see the sigil from Daimon Bune with the binding angel Haaiah. Made by me from Copper (50mm diameter).

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