Asthma transformation.

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Used a flashlight to see the deep red color better. Valerian spagyric tincture.

Three weeks ago I took for the last time Seretide a so called Medicine for  Asthma. It took about  two weeks before my body was back in harmony.  This so called Medicine has many  substances (like cortisol) that makes the body lazy and oppress certain things. I took this remedy for about 8 years, before that I took another remedy Ventolin (even a worse medicine) for about 24 years. So the greatest part of my life I took medication for this. 

Because of my study, practice, meditation, integration and practicing the Royal Art  of Alchemy I was and still am  able to transform this situation. I figured out that when I have an astma attack I take 8 drops of my spagyric tincture of Valerian and within 10 -15 minutes the attack was gone for many hours. I knew  after I dropped the Seretide the complains would…

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