Honey Work, the essence of Honey.

Honey Bees

Started yesterday my first Work with Honey, the essence of Honey. I used organic raw honey and spirit of wine 97% pure.

Experience with this essence.

The essence of honey has the following effect on my system. Taking in hot water one teaspoon. It is soothing and calming on the one side and uplifting on the other. Also it seems to take away pains and shortage of breath. It gives me a general sense of wel being. I think it takes away many feelings of discomfort and is of general health of body mind and soul. It’s red gold so to speak.

For this experiment I used the book from John French “The Art of distillation”.



Take of honey well despumated as much as you please. Pour upon it as much of the best rectified spirit of wine as will cover it five or six fingers breadth. Digest them in a glass vessel well closed (the fourth part only being full) in a temperate balneum the space of a fortnight or until the spirit be very well tinged. Then decant off the spirit and put on more until all the tincture be extracted. Put all these tinctures together, and evaporate the spirit until what remains begins to be thickish at the bottom and of a golden colon. This is a very excellent essence of honey and is of so pleasant an odor that scarce anything is like to it. It is so cordial that it even revives the dying if two or three drops thereof be taken in some cordial water.”

Distillation of the second layer.