Red tincture of Antimony.

Antimony project preparation. Today I started with preparions to make the red tincture of Antimony. To pulverise this stibnite in the mortar is hard work but also cautious work. I used gloves and a mouth cap. Beside this the energies involved in this stibnite are very heavy. So this will take time.

“Stibium, as the Philosophers say, is composed from the noble mineral Sulphur, and they have praised it as the black lead of the Wise. The Arabs in their language, have called it Asinat vel Azinat, the alchemists retain the name Antimonium. It will however lead to the consideration of high Secrets, if we seek and recognize the nature in which the Sun is exalted, as the Magi found that this mineral was attributed by God to the Constellation Aries, which is the first heavenly sign in which the Sun takes its exaltation or elevation to itself. Although such things are thrown to the winds by common people, intelligent people ought to know and pay more attention to the fact that exactly at this point the infinitude of secrets may be partly contemplated with great profit and in part also explored. Many, but these are ignorant and unintelligent, are of the opinion that if they only had Stibium, they would get to it by Calcination, others by Sublimation, several by Reverberation and Extraction, and obtain its great Secret, Oil, and Perfectum Medicinam. But I tell you, that here in this place nothing will help, whether Calcination, Sublimation, Reverberation nor Extraction, so that subsequently a perfect Extraction of metallic virtue that translates the inferior into the superior, may profitably come to pass or be accomplished. For such shall be impossible for you. Do not let yourselves be confused by several of the philosophers who have written of such things, i.e., Geber, Albertus Magnus, Rhasis, Rupecilla, Aristoteles and many more of that kind. And this you should note. Yes, many say, that when one prepares Stibium to a glass, then the evil volatile Sulphur will be gone, and the Oil, which may be prepared from the glass, would be a very fixed oil, and would then truly give an ingress and Medicine of imperfect metals to perfection. These words and opinions are perhaps good and right, but that it should be thus in fact and prove itself, this will not be. For I say to you truly, without any hidden speech; if you were to lose some of the above mentioned Sulphur by the preparation and the burning, as a small fire may easily damage it, so that you have lost the right penetrating spirit, which should make our whole Antimonii corpus into a perfect red oil, so that it also can ascend over the helm with a sweet smell and very beautiful colors and the whole body of this mineral with all its members, without loss of any weight, except for the foecum, shall be an oil and go over the helm. And note also this: How would it be possible for the body to go into an oil, or give off its sweet oil, if it is put into the last essence and degree? For glass is in all things the outermost and least essence. For you shall know that all creatures at the end of the world, or on the last and coming judgement of the last day, shall become glass or a lovely amethyst and this according to the families of the twelve Patriarchs, as in the families of jewels which Hermes the Great describes in his book: As we have elaborately reported and taught in our book de Cabala.” (Source:

Alchemical Christmas.


This is the time for contemplation and with the story of the birth of Jesus in mind I was pondering on the symbolism from the approach of the alchemist. This is my personal view so it has no authority whatsoever nor I do any claims its valid. Its a personal interpretation from an alchemical point of view.

In the Royal Art great things and important processes develop from the darkness and in silence. Before the light of the sun is bearable for the end product involved it should be matured in the darkness like the process of incubation. Like Christmas it is the darkest part of the year an King has born in this part of the year. The silence and the darkness is needed to contemplate as well. Then a Star is seen bij the Wise of the East (the greater light the part the sun rises), those three Wise are the three higher principles of the mind. The Star as such is in Alchemy a sign that a process was successful. Like the Star Regulus of antimony. Regulus means ‘little king’. From this point on Joseph and Mary are the two lower aspects (lower binary) of our mind united that resulted in the birth of Christ the Savior. The ‘Lapis Philosophorum’ the medicine for all has come into life. In that aspect its the savor for the Adept to accomplish the Great Work and a step ahead on the Path of evolution. The accomplishment of our ‘inner Kingdom’  in order to help others on the path of evolution. Obviously many more things can be added on the symbolism involved into the scene and story of the birth of Christ.