Fennel Spagyric tincture.

Here you can see the process of the Fennel seed spagyric tincture process. The result is a very powerful tincture that works immediately. I was impressed by its effectiveness and beautiful green color. I made this tincture before but then it had a light amber color and was less potent.

Health benefits of Fennel seeds.

Quotes on Salts.

Some quotes about our Salts. From Page 68 ” The Hermetic Tradition from Julius Evola” A current book I’m studying and reading now. Very inspiring!
” Without Salt we cannot make the Philosopher’s Stone” … the dregs are the what remains after the spirit has extracted that is to say, they are the body, form which is also taken among other possible meanings, the symbol of the ashes – by analogy, that is as residue without any more Fire. But the surprising thing is that “dregs” “ashes” “remains” alike are valued as something precious that the “Son of the Art” must guard against underestimating and throwing away, because it is precisely from them it is declared – that the Gold is made, or rather the ashes are the Gold, not the vulgar Gold but the philosophers Gold.”
And d’Espagnet says: “The earth at the bottom of the cup is the true mine of the Philosopher’s Gold, the Fire of Nature and Heaven.”
Boehme says “Paradise is still in this world, but man is very far from it, so long as he fails to regenerate himself. And this is the Gold hidden in Saturn”.

Thus  we see that the ashes from the pit of hell transformed into the purest Gold of the Philosopher’s. Here is a great secret of life involved in it as well.


KOH volatile salts.

New tools.

Today I received the new tools. Two pelicans, a new alembic setup, and an alludel. Custom made by a glassblower for me.

Inspirational quote.


The Proper alchemist have always laid down ethical and spiritual conditions for their operations. In view of their living sense of nature, their ideal world is presented as inseparable from that other – which we can call Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, Qabalah and theurgy- anything but chemistry. ” (Page xvi preface)

-Julius Evola, The Hermetic tradition-