Hemp Ens process.

This week I started a Hemp Ens (medicinal cannabis) process. A remarkable thing happened. The first layer was amber colored while the next two layers are beautiful green.

Echinacea Ens Project.

Back in August 2013, a year ago, I made an Echinacea Ens. Here you can see the results.

My personal experiences from this Ens. It is a very powerful remedy against flu like symptoms. It reduces it immediately. Also like the Chili Ens this Ens is very protective on all levels. 

Further information about the Ens

Sage Ens project.

One these pictures you can see the results of the Sage Ens. I made the Ens in June this year.


Hyssop Ens Project.

In July this year I made an Ens from Hyssop. On the pictures you can see the results. 

Information about Hyssop.

Moringa Ens project

In September 2013 I made an Ens from Moringa powder with very good results. Here you can see the results. 


Mint Ens project

In June this year I Made an Ens from Mint as well. Here you can see the pictures of the results.

My personal experience with this Ens.

This Ens gave me a feeling of lightness and clarity. The spirit is very gentle and it made my mind more expansive. It reduced headaches.


Chili Ens project.

In March and April this year I made a Chili Ens. This ens is very powerful and hot. I used about 600 gram of fresh chili peppers.

My personal experience with this Ens:

I took 3 -4 drops daily for a month. Taking this Ens induced remarkable results. One of the main result was that it gives me a lot of energy. Beside this it seems to be very energetically protective from nasty or heavy energies. I also experienced detoxication from my system and since I took this Ens for a month daily ‘hot’ peppers are not really ‘hot’ any more.

Premum Ens Melissae

On these pictures you can see the process of making the Premum Ens Melissae. I made this last spring and distilled it at the end of June 2014.


My persona experience with this Ens. A very powerful spirit. I had detoxing experiences and very vivid dreams. Also it gave me a panoramic view on this. It seems it enhanced my psychic abilities and connect deeper with the inner worlds. Also it its very soothing and comforting. 

Info about this process and use: Premum Ens Melissae 

Ens process.

Making an Ens is a very different process then a spagyric tincture. One uses three components, Potassium carbonate saturated with moisture form the night air. This is called Tartar water or volatile Salts, fresh plant matter and pure alcohol around 98 % pure. The collection of tartar water is a long process since one makes layer of this salts on a plate and put it outside in the night preferable in the Spring time. I use different dishes. One should collect 1L at least. Also one needs at least 1L of pure alcohol that can be used to extract the Ens from the solvent (Tartar water and fresh herbs). I made several of these Enses and making these tinctures is an initiation in itself. It digs deep in ones inner worlds as well in the outer world. Ans Ens is the quintessence of ‘Q state’ of the plant. In the link I post here you can read about the formal process of making a Premum Ens Melissae. Every fresh herb can be used to make an Ens.

Volatile Salts with a layer of the Hyssop Ens extracted by the pure spirit of wine.

Volatile Salts with a layer of the Hyssop Ens extracted by the pure spirit of wine.


Formal process: Premum Ens Melissae.