Process of transformation of the lead acetate.

31st of March 2015

31st of March 2015

You see that the forces of nature are at work. There are moments it looks beautiful like when the first crystals were formed then it turnend dark and rose up. Now you see that it rise up again in three different colors, like the three headed dragon see picture below. The white, red and black. At the end it should be red after a long period.

This acetate is transforming from chemical to alchemical. We make it philosophical so to speak. Afterwards when its ready I distill this acetate to produce the philosophical wine so to speak. A very special solvent.

Three headed dragon

Zinc acetate project.

Today I initiated the Zinc acetate Work. Added the acetic acid ready for digestion. This project shall take about two years as well. I will add new pictures so one can see the development and transformation of the chemical substance into a philosophical substance. Ora et labora.

Red wine vinegar distillation.

On these pictures you can see the process of the distillation of wine vinegar into acetic acid. First one have to freeze the red wine vinegar in a plastic bottle (s). Then put it upside down so that the acid that cannot freeze drips out. This process is repeated till it not freeze any more. When this is dome one distill what is left into acetic acid. Only about 5% is acetic acid so one needs quite a lot of red wine vinegar. Its obvious that there is more in it then the short description I gave but my goal is to show it on the pictures and hope they inspire the reader. This is not a formal instruction. For this it is important that one has an alchemical teacher or guide who helps in the process.

Lead acetate Work.

About 2 weeks ago I started a new project. Its the purification of Lead acetate. Before I started this project I had to distill red wine vinegar what is a long process as well. First one freeze them till the liquid don’t freeze any more. Then it will be distilled in a distillation train till I obtained acetic acid. This is the material that should make the Lead acetate philosophical so to speak. The way the crystals are developing is amazingly beautiful. I’m fascinated by it and feel that the forces of nature are at work. I have a feeling of awe and Love when I look at this process. This whole process till I obtained the so called “Red Dragon’ takes 2 years. The whole process from the start till now you can see on these pictures.