Nickel Vitriol experiment.

Like I did before with the Iron and Copper I would like to let grow some nice crystals from Nickel sulfate. Since the colors are so beautiful and I like the shape of this type of crystals. Its interesting to see how those different metals produce different formed crystals. Its a beautiful process that is why I do this work.

Copper Vitriol experiment.

In this experiment I make copper sulfate crystals. For the sake of the beauty of the crystals and the beautiful blue color they have. Also I like the energy very much.

Vitriol experiment II

vitriol rosicrucian inner earth symbol

In this experiment I used distilled rain water. I mixed it with the iron sulfate luke warm.

Vitriol experiment.

vitriol rosicrucian inner earth symbol

This new experiment is with Iron sulfate (Chemical formulae FeSO4.7H2O). This  Work is based on the general instruction document from  the  Inner Garden group. To me this is a new area that I need to explore. The first steps are the processes of the purifications of the green crystals formed after evaporation. I started this work on January 12th 2015. On this gallery you can see the development of the purification process of this substance.

An interesting note. The emerald green liquid has a very nice smell. Fresh and sweet very subtle.