Vitriol experiment II

vitriol rosicrucian inner earth symbol

In this experiment I used distilled rain water. I mixed it with the iron sulfate luke warm.

On Alchemy.


What means Alchemy to me personally? The point of Alchemy is that it is an interplay of dynamics and knowledge of the inner and the outer worlds. This interplay leads to realisation in the outer world visible to the mundane world. This inner and outer dynamics is what the alchemist sublimates as a true Art. In that way the philosopher can perform transmutations and transfomations in mind and matter, changing the ‘energy field’ so to speak into a higher level of vibration. In this way it leads to understanding of the macro and micro Cosmic World in order to benefit all sentient beings in an altruistic/ selfless way under the supervision of the Supreme Being.

For the sake of the beauty of this text from the English Alchemist and Adept Archibald Cockren. From alchemy rediscovered and restored.



There are many ways to get inspired for the Great Work and music is one of them. When I hear this music I experience some real divine presence. Its goes very deep and it helps me a lot in my Work as well.


This music is for me divine. This goes beyond religion aspect

Inspiration like this music invokes devotion. Devotion is a very important aspect of the Great Work. It eliminate the grasping aspect of the mind so called ego. Its elevate the mind to a higher aspect of it and connect to the deep rooted Love we all have, unconditional Love for all sentient beings. Duality solves and we can view the universe as Oneness without boundaries, without pain, without suffering and general overview that is a glimpse of our divine origin and our divine destiny. The Lapis Philosophorum accomplished.


On Books

On Books related to the Great Work.

In our western world the intellectual abilities are very overestimated. They (intellectual abilities) are important as a servant but not as a master. I like books a lot but…..
Books are important but not the most important tools. Together with study, meditation and integration they have a part in it. The most important tool is ones own intuition and the ability to tap into our Higher aspects of the mind. Our inner guidance  under the guidance of the Supreme Being is the most important source of knowledge. Secondly in relation to this ‘experience’ with those matters are more important then books. Sometimes the intellect (Ruach) is an obstacle for real progress, it should be used to serve wisely. Books helps experience to relate but ‘doing’ the Work helps us to evolve on the Path of Return. Not by obtaining book knowledge. Wisdom isn’t from books, its from experience skillfully integrated into our daily life to benefit all sentient beings.

Elixir of cinnamon project.


Today I started a new project, the oil of Cinnamon. I used around 300 grams of cinnamon and 3/4 liter of pure alcohol poured on it in order to digest for 10 days.

The Oil of Cinnamon is good against colds and “moist” diseases of all principle parts of the body, or all diseases from cold and phlegm. It helps coughs and asthma, and helps Tuberculosis.

I have to test this alchemical product in order to validate the claimed uses. Since its is the herb of the Sun I feel really connected to it as a Leo.

Since a very little of oil is left after cooling down I decide to make an Alchemical elixir from it. I add the the pure spirit of wine (mercury) to the sulfur and calcinate the ashes to obtain the salts and let it wed (cohobation) for a considerable time. Probably 6 months or more.