Elixir of cinnamon project.


Today I started a new project, the oil of Cinnamon. I used around 300 grams of cinnamon and 3/4 liter of pure alcohol poured on it in order to digest for 10 days.

The Oil of Cinnamon is good against colds and “moist” diseases of all principle parts of the body, or all diseases from cold and phlegm. It helps coughs and asthma, and helps Tuberculosis.

I have to test this alchemical product in order to validate the claimed uses. Since its is the herb of the Sun I feel really connected to it as a Leo.

Since a very little of oil is left after cooling down I decide to make an Alchemical elixir from it. I add the the pure spirit of wine (mercury) to the sulfur and calcinate the ashes to obtain the salts and let it wed (cohobation) for a considerable time. Probably 6 months or more.

One thought on “Elixir of cinnamon project.

  1. Hi Parusha, I know this is an older post, if I may ask, after the initial filtering of the liquid (mercury/sulfur) from the material (salt) after digestion, what are you distilling from that filtered liquid, and at what temperature? Thank you! – Fr.GIL


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