Engraved pentacles and sigils with the burin.

On these pictures you can see some of the pentacles and sigils I made and engraved with the Burin.

I noticed a significant difference when engraved with a dremel. The burin engraved ones seem to be more powerful. Its mentioned in the grimoires that the burin should be used and that’s not for nothing.



Quareia. For those who are serious about starting with magic, or when experienced magicians would like to deepen and broaden their own experiences with some other angles I can recommend this site. Those people from Quareia did a great job by creating a curriculum that’s not based on Golden Dawn like groups and isn’t based on religious beliefs like Christianity or Thelema. The lessons are free. Its a Work of Love and all donations going straight back into their work to produce and publish more to help others on the Path. These days too many groups are after your money and are involved into politics and power plays. All those things are very distracting from the core business ‘to accomplish The Great Work’.





Pentacles & Talismans

Here you can see some more of the pentacles I made recently. They are engraved traditionally with a consecrated burin. If you are interested in more info about these just drop me an email: parusha777@yahoo.com