On magical pentacles, lamens and seals.

On magical pentacles, lamens and seals. And the Art of making them.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I observed that when one engrave the metal with a burin it seems that it is very powerful. Much effort is put into the fabrication of a Seal or pentacle. That is reflected in its magical force it has. Its not like some think that one has to believe in it and that is is just a psychological projection of the believer. It always works if one believe it or not. Everyone who is sensitive will feel that. Therefore I ask people to feel and describe what they feel when I put a pentacle/ talisman in their hands in a pouch.


A well and skilled made pentacle envelopes a magical energy and holds it, related to the beings/ entities and energies written on it. The magician creates the magical link.

Like in the old days, its not for nothing the old mages suggested to engrave by a consecrated burin. I did consecrated my burin as well.

Also I add gemstones to them. In harmony to the seal or pentacle. Below a magical ring of Venus.

Casting. Later on Paracelsus made talismans by casting. He asked a metal worker to forge them. But the secret of casting is that one use specific types of metals and other alloys, with the right correspondences and combine them alchemically. It required a lot of skill, alchemical/ magical and the ability to successfully link them. Its therefore one of the skills the ‘Philosohus’, 4 = 7 grade‘ from our Nobel order of the A.’.A.’. should be able to to that. Its part of her training.

Therefore those talismans/ pentacles are so powerful. Casting as such isn’t, but in an alchemical way it is. That is forgotten these days and therefore my pieces are ‘one of a kind’ magical items. I cannot mass produce them so to speak. Every piece is a piece of Art in which I put a lot of effort and magical stamina.

That is the difference with the ‘commercial pieces’, which a look very nice but have no power as such. Unless the maker is able to successfully forge the link. Nevertheless a real mage can consecrate everything even written on a piece of toilet paper. But the uninitiated costumer who just want to ‘buy’ power isn’t able to use it properly. And could be overwhelmed by the power of a real consecrated piece.


Sometimes people ask me. Can you just teach me how to make them please ? They completely miss the point what is behind all this and that many years of magical training and practice I have had in order to be able to make them. What they mean is obviously the technique, the metal work but that is just a very small part, actually the smallest part of the Work. Al real initiates know this. Its a form of alchemy. When I make tinctures or other alchemical products the principal is the same. When I make a tincture, I communicate with the plant spirit and ask their permission to work with it. Why are Spagyrics so potent because of this principle. It is much more than putting plants in alcohol and then one has a tincture. Someone sensitive enough will sense the difference.






Love is the law, love under will.

© Frater Parusha