Pentacle Testimonial.



Fourth pentacle of mercury.

In the week of my 33rd birthday, I received the fourth pentacle of Mercury, engraved in alpaca alloy. Since then, I have found that my ability to perceive and communicate with spirits has increased dramatically. In fact, I believe that receiving this pentacle has effected my initiation into a higher level of perception and understanding. I have had very clear and direct conversational exchanges with spirits in a way that I never had before, and the numerological synchronicity in my life has gone through the roof! 33 and 333 are everywhere all the time, as are 6’s and 9’s. I have also been having incredibly vivid dreams in which I communicate with spirits and entities and receive instruction in magical practice. I have had contact with Hecate in recent days (I carried the pentacle to a crossroads in the wilderness nearby and was approached there by a black dog) and just learned after communicating with her in dream last night that today is her feast day. After years of book-based learning and study, the months since I received the pentacle have been marked by a swift-flowing current of spirit communication that seems to be moving with a strong force of its own. I have also been receiving clear instruction in dream regarding the alchemical processes I have been working with. For example, in work to make fixed what is volatile, both materially and spiritually. There has also been a notable increase in the instances in which my wife and I share dreams, obviously both being affected by the same presences.