Hemp Ens process.

This week I started a Hemp Ens (medicinal cannabis) process. A remarkable thing happened. The first layer was amber colored while the next two layers are beautiful green.

Making magic pentacles.

Concerning the pentacles and the (planetary) timing to make them.


Magick Seal from Venus in Copper.

The planetary hours and day are important. However I experimented with making them on other times. This also resulted in a powerful energy. I think that making the link on the day and hour of the planet smooth out the energy involved. The conditions are the best at that time. The pentacles are very strongly linked to the source energy so extra links to them and a consecration ritual only make them stronger. ( for the planetary hours one can use on line software for that or an App on the phone). The same I did with tinctures and other alchemical products in order to test it.
Also the energetical connection of the maker with these energies is heavily involved as well as its motivation to make them. They should be in balance. I think that if they are made to help others (or yourself) on an altruistic basis then the intentions are good. This will result in a pure energy. Like making alchemical products one creates how one is not more no less.
When made just to make money or be harmful the energy is impure and the pentacle doesn’t work or is harmful to the maker. It always, sooner or later, bites the maker in the ass.
I’m not an expert in this but this is just my personal observation.

On line tool.