Turmeric spagyric tincture

Today I started to make a spagyric tincture from Turmeric. This roos has many benifits for the body to fight diseases and stimulate circulation.

What is the secret of a high quality powerful tincture and other alchemical successes? Beside intention (magical focus) its the quality of the Spirit of Wine. Very few of the alchemists on FaceBook groups I hear them talk about that. I know people tend to use everclear, brandy etc. But its essential that one distills ones own spirit of wine with care and patience. It takes me a lot of time to distill it before I have collected 1L of pure spirit of wine from heavy red wine.


Info about Turmeric.




Thyme Spagyric tincture

Two weeks ago I started to make a Thyme tincture with fresh plant matter. I macerated for two weeks now and today filtered it. The colors are beautiful and also is the smell of the wonderful tincture. When the moon is waxing I start to make the salts.

Syrian Rue

In this experiment I made a tincture from the sacred herb Syrian Rue. Its a very magical herb with many ways of using it. The colors are amazing and very bright. The pictures do no justice but very nice to look at.


Syrian Rue tincture with blacklight.

Big sting Nettle Spagyric tincture.

Big Nettle

Here you can see in the gallery the process of making the Nettle spagyric tincture. I picked them myself nearby the place I live. Nettles have an amazing healing quality rich on iron and is a blood purifier. For the sake of this special plant and my respect for it I share this on my blog. The process is more or less the same as in other processes I showed on my blog.

The experience with this tincture after the first test is that it gave me a lot of energy. In a very natural but very clear way.

Fennel Spagyric tincture.

Here you can see the process of the Fennel seed spagyric tincture process. The result is a very powerful tincture that works immediately. I was impressed by its effectiveness and beautiful green color. I made this tincture before but then it had a light amber color and was less potent.

Health benefits of Fennel seeds.

Safflower Spagyric tinture.

Here you can see pictures of the process of making a spagyric tincture from safflower. In this process I let the mixture with the spirit of wine digest for a week on a warm plate (40 celsius). The spirit of red wine I use I distilled myself by the rules of the art. I don’t use everclear, brandy or whatsoever. In my humble opinion using the spirit of wine what is distilled by oneself is the best. Energetically its much more potent. Many people neglect the use of self distilled spirit of wine and wonder why their tinctures are less potent. Its the slow process instead of the use of the Soxlet extractor. I really like the beauty of the colors and I have to say that in reality the colors are much more intense.

Information about safflower.

Elixir of cinnamon project.


Today I started a new project, the oil of Cinnamon. I used around 300 grams of cinnamon and 3/4 liter of pure alcohol poured on it in order to digest for 10 days.

The Oil of Cinnamon is good against colds and “moist” diseases of all principle parts of the body, or all diseases from cold and phlegm. It helps coughs and asthma, and helps Tuberculosis.

I have to test this alchemical product in order to validate the claimed uses. Since its is the herb of the Sun I feel really connected to it as a Leo.

Since a very little of oil is left after cooling down I decide to make an Alchemical elixir from it. I add the the pure spirit of wine (mercury) to the sulfur and calcinate the ashes to obtain the salts and let it wed (cohobation) for a considerable time. Probably 6 months or more.


Its of great value that some people tested my Spagyric tinctures and Enses and I hope for more testimonials in the future. So I update this from time to time. On this page I post their experiences with them. I’m very grateful that people want to test them and I would like to thank them for their kindness also for taking the time to write about it.



Mica Gries

I had been struggling for the last two months to come up with a satisfying premise for my first novel. Describing the whole story, while meeting the requirements of a proper premise, in a single sentence is a daunting task for many reasons. I was beginning to feel discouraged, and even despair, as sentence after sentence kept getting trashed, and nothing was coming up right.
One night during this time, I decided I needed to adjust my dosage of the Valerian tincture I had received from Peter. I also felt I needed to “tune in” to the energy of the Valerian, so I could perhaps get a reading of how much to increase, and also to connect with the energy and intelligence of the herb as well.
The image I got was an egg that was also the moon, breaking open, and a fine vapor pouring out. This vapour was symbolically the energy of the Valerian. I understood a few things at once: that I do not need help with relaxation or sleep. I am relaxed enough; perhaps too relaxed. I also understood that because of this the Valerian would help me with creativity instead. The vapor instead of putting me to sleep, would help fill me with dreams The number nine also came to me, in regards to how many drops I needed to take.
The next day, after having taken nine drops that night, the premise I had been struggling for just simply slipped into my thoughts as if it had always been there. I am certain the Valerian helped in a big way.

NIck Farrell

The art of the alchemist does not depend on the recipe or the sequence used, but the ability of the alchemist to create a product which brings about change beyond the chemical nature of the spirit.
This was bought home to me when I used tinctures created by the Dutch Alchemist Peter Van Suijlekom. I have made tinctures before with a limited degree of success, but it is not my path. Peter, who lives alchemy, takes these tinctures to another level completely.
Peter sent me several tinctures both for people and for myself that I knew and it gave me the chance to see these tinctures in action. In all cases, they were able to bring about changes, even in people who were extremely depressed about the illnesses they were suffering. In all cases taking of these tinctures were the beginning of them becoming well.
I personally used his fennel tincture. I have painful acid reflux which sometimes does not go away with normal treatment. It is not pleasant, it is the sort of wake up in the middle of the night vomiting sort of thing. I was reluctant to take the fennel at first because the idea of putting a strong alcohol in my stomach during one of those nights is not something I would instinctively do. I asked the spirit to heal the acid reflux and took the drops and it vanished completely. It has done so every time I have had a bad attack.
A student of my was suffering from depression and found that she started to get a handle on her problems when she took Peter’s Melissa tincture.
On the whole I think that there is definitely something in the tintures that Peter creates.

Nick Farrell
Magic Order of the Aurora Aurea.

Paul from Michigan.

A while back, Peter kindly mailed me a tincture of Fennel, which as many know is goverend by Mercury. Initially, I found the effects of the spagyric to be so sublte as to seem almost imperceptable, however, after a few weeks, that would change.

First, I must remark that the flavor of the fennel spagyric is wonderful. It has the most full and rounded flavor of fennel, just as good as eating fresh-picked seeds from a thriving plant. After a few weeks of taking the tincture, I began to notice that my thinking became much more clear and lucid, along with a sense of having “greater space” in my head. It also seem liked all Mercurial activities I’d engage in were enhanced, particularly writing, speaking, practicing magic. In fact, I will often take the fennel tincture in conjuction with ritual magic, sometimes taking it before to see how it affects my perceptions, or immediately after as a sort of magical apertif. I also tend to use more of it on Wednesdays to welcome in Mercury’s energy during his day.

On a medicinal level, I find the actions/energetics of the fennel have been beneficial. As a carminative, I’ve always enjoyed the flavor and effects of fennel, and this tincture all the more so. It seems to help assist my digestion of food, before or after, and helps to expel wind (as old herbalist referred to gas). Dosage wise, I’ve been taking between 7-13 drops 1-2x a day, and on Wed. 3x a day.

I look forward to getting know fennel and her governing spirit better in the months to come with the help of this excellent spagyric preperation.

Thank you, Peter!

“Mr. Van Suijlekom alchemical work is outstanding. It took me some time to convince him to let me test his well crafted tinctures. I did not regret having done, as I have had very rich interior / spiritual experiences since beginning my one drop every night regime. Besides a calm and relaxed mood, this tinctures clean in a very harmonious way the psyche. Which is good, as we all have work to do and do not want to go through aggravating circumstances while fulfilling our daily responsibilities. I hope that Mr. Van Suijlekom will continue with his good work for many years to come ” – M. P. Cotto.