Effects Chamomile on my system.

Golden yellow color.

The spagyric tincture from Charmomile. The result with a with a Golden yellow color.

Chamomile Zeeland

Here we picked the fresh Chamomile at July 17th 2014

Since I posted it on my blog I used the Chamomile daily to test it. I took 10 drops in the evening and 10 in the morning. It seems when I take it before sleep it induces very vivid visual images and nearly to lucid dream states. The first night just before I fell asleep I could mould images to my will when they came up. That will say, I could reshape then in whatever image  I wanted. Later this week my dreams were intensely vivid  and deep when it comes to images and the impacts of them. Also as expected the tincture helps to calm down the whole physical system and mainly the digestion but it has an interesting impact on my inner world. I have to say I really have a good resonance with this herb and this tincture (also since it is related to the Sun and my birth sign is Leo also ruled by the Sun). The state of calmness is from a very different kind compared to the state of calmness induced by Valerian. I didn’t expected that it induces, in my case, that intense visual effects. Ora et labora!

Chamomile Spagyric tincture bottled.

This batch I bottled today. It looks very good, golden yellow as it should be with a very nice odor. Its a month ago I started the circulation. I want to experiment with the period of circulation and the strength of the tincture. So I only took 30 ML. The rest stays on the circulation warm plate for about two more months maybe even more. Perhaps I let circulate a part for 12 months and compare with this one.

Benefits of Chamomile.

The Holy Lotus Spagyric tincture.

Here you can see the process of making the spagyric tincture of the Pink Lotus or Nellumbo nucifera.

Big dark pink Lotus Flower photo

Chamomile Spagyric tincture project.

Here you can see some pictures of the Chamomile spagyric tincture. Its now in the process of circulation. I didn’t made pictures of the calcination process. But you can see pictures of this on my other projects. Obviously I calcinate the salts and they are now circulating. Around the 20th of September I can use it. Then the month circulation has passed. Obviously one can circulate this much longer. In this case I take the first part to test and the second half I let circulate for a longer period. The longer the circulation how higher the vibration.

Blue Lotus Spagyric tincture bottled.

bluelotus 2

Bottled my Blue Lotus spagyric tincture today. Beautiful color. Deep red when its in a flask. Golden yellow in the dropper. Feels and smells very delicious. Going to test it the coming time. Elsewhere on my blog  you can find more info about making of the  Blue Lotus spagyric tincture.

Lemon Balm (Melissae) Spagyric tincture

This are the pictures of my Spagyric tincture from Lemon Balm I made in June this year. Most of them I already gave away to others to test them. 

Information about Lemon Balm.


Mexican Tarragon spagyric tincture.

Here you can see the results of making a spagyric tincture from Mexican Tarragon.

Personally my wife and I have very good results by taking this tincture. It calms the mind and the nerves and it takes away all kind of sharp edges for some reason. Also it induces deep dreams. I can recommend this when one is under a lot of stress or pressure.

Info about Mexican Tarragon: Mexican Tarragon medicinal uses

My attitude towards the simple Spagyric tincture.

The Alchemist

The method I use is more or less described in chapter III from Fr Alebertus Alchemist’s Handbook. He call it a Herbal elixir. I call it in my post a ‘simple spagyric tincture’ since I extract (accelerate way with the sox let extractor or by circulation) the herb. And calcinate the plant matter to wed it for a month on a moderate warm plate (40 Celsius). Its a simple Spagyric tincture since I don’t extract or separate the sulphur from the plant only the salts. Its a Spagyric tincture when one separate all 3 of them, purify them and wed those elements together. I have to say, and others tested it as well, that these sp tinctures I made are very effective. However the Ens is more powerful because its process is more complicated and deeper. But it is a substance on another plane. It all has to do with raising the vibration of a substance by purification etc in order to transform the substance into an alchemical substance that purify the person who takes it on all levels. From physical till spiritual. And also those alchemical substances are initiatic in nature as well. All because of the high vibration it has after the process. This same purification process takes place in the alchemist as well when he/she is working on it. The pure colors are also a sign that the vibration is raised, its an indication of a spiritual process on the material plane. At the end it is very important(as far as I understand it) ‘how’ the alchemist is approaching his/her Work since this approach makes it a success or a failure a learning process). Also this learning process is digging deeper and deeper because success and failure are just relative terms and conditions. Sometime isa failure a success since it teach you something and sometimes a success is a failure because one should need to read the deeper teachings behind ingesting a tincture or other substance. Sometimes the teaching comes from the spirit of the plant, mineral or metal. Sometimes by life events and how one deals with it. All this is how I approach alchemy and the Work I do.

“Study what thou art,
Where of thou art a part,
What thou knowest of this art,
This is what thou really art,
All that is without thee,
Also is within”.

Solomon Trismosin -Splendor Solis

The Birth of the Valerian Spagyric tincture

The birth of a new spagyric tincture after a month of circulation on a warm plate  around 40 Celsius.  Deep red color, and with a small dose amber colored. I used a flashlight to see the deep red color. It has a very pleasant odour what is unusual for Valerian. It feels very powerful. I tested it till now and it is very effective. I have to experience the deeper layers of this tincture but that takes time.

Info about Valerian: Info.