The Birth of the Valerian Spagyric tincture

The birth of a new spagyric tincture after a month of circulation on a warm plate  around 40 Celsius.  Deep red color, and with a small dose amber colored. I used a flashlight to see the deep red color. It has a very pleasant odour what is unusual for Valerian. It feels very powerful. I tested it till now and it is very effective. I have to experience the deeper layers of this tincture but that takes time.

Info about Valerian: Info.





One thought on “The Birth of the Valerian Spagyric tincture

  1. Following is my personal experience with Peter’s wonderful Valerian tincture:
    I had been struggling for the last two months to come up with a satisfying premise for my first novel. Describing the whole story, while meeting the requirements of a proper premise, in a single sentence is a daunting task for many reasons. I was beginning to feel discouraged, and even despair, as sentence after sentence kept getting trashed, and nothing was coming up right.

    One night during this time, I decided I needed to adjust my dosage of the Valerian tincture I had received from Peter. I also felt I needed to “tune in” to the energy of the Valerian, so I could perhaps get a reading of how much to increase, and also to connect with the energy and intelligence of the herb as well.

    The image I got was an egg that was also the moon, breaking open, and a fine vapor pouring out. This vapour was symbolically the energy of the Valerian. I understood a few things at once: that I do not need help with relaxation or sleep. I am relaxed enough; perhaps too relaxed. I also understood that because of this the Valerian would help me with creativity instead. The vapor instead of putting me to sleep, would help fill me with dreams The number nine also came to me, in regards to how many drops I needed to take.

    The next day, after having taken nine drops that night, the premise I had been struggling for just simply slipped into my thoughts as if it had always been there. I am certain the Valerian helped in a big way.

    In conclusion, I would like to underline the importance of tuning in to these medicines, both before the first dose, and after one has been taking it for a little while. As many times as one feels necessary. In western conventional medicine, we are used to taking medicines passively; just taking the medicine and waiting for whatever effects to happen. The process of tuning in (though skrying, meditation, etc) allows there to be a kind of dialogue and flow between your own consciousness and the consciousness of the remedy (and I believe there is always consciousness, even in pharmaceutical drugs). Through this intentional, open receptivity, you may get a clearer picture of the medicine’s essence and what it is doing in your system.


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