My attitude towards the simple Spagyric tincture.

The Alchemist

The method I use is more or less described in chapter III from Fr Alebertus Alchemist’s Handbook. He call it a Herbal elixir. I call it in my post a ‘simple spagyric tincture’ since I extract (accelerate way with the sox let extractor or by circulation) the herb. And calcinate the plant matter to wed it for a month on a moderate warm plate (40 Celsius). Its a simple Spagyric tincture since I don’t extract or separate the sulphur from the plant only the salts. Its a Spagyric tincture when one separate all 3 of them, purify them and wed those elements together. I have to say, and others tested it as well, that these sp tinctures I made are very effective. However the Ens is more powerful because its process is more complicated and deeper. But it is a substance on another plane. It all has to do with raising the vibration of a substance by purification etc in order to transform the substance into an alchemical substance that purify the person who takes it on all levels. From physical till spiritual. And also those alchemical substances are initiatic in nature as well. All because of the high vibration it has after the process. This same purification process takes place in the alchemist as well when he/she is working on it. The pure colors are also a sign that the vibration is raised, its an indication of a spiritual process on the material plane. At the end it is very important(as far as I understand it) ‘how’ the alchemist is approaching his/her Work since this approach makes it a success or a failure a learning process). Also this learning process is digging deeper and deeper because success and failure are just relative terms and conditions. Sometime isa failure a success since it teach you something and sometimes a success is a failure because one should need to read the deeper teachings behind ingesting a tincture or other substance. Sometimes the teaching comes from the spirit of the plant, mineral or metal. Sometimes by life events and how one deals with it. All this is how I approach alchemy and the Work I do.

“Study what thou art,
Where of thou art a part,
What thou knowest of this art,
This is what thou really art,
All that is without thee,
Also is within”.

Solomon Trismosin -Splendor Solis

2 thoughts on “My attitude towards the simple Spagyric tincture.

  1. The art of the alchemist does not depend on the recipe or the sequence used, but the ability of the alchemist to create a product which brings about change beyond the chemical nature of the spirit.
    This was bought home to me when I used tinctures created by the Dutch Alchemist Peter Van Suijlekom. I have made tinctures before with a limited degree of success, but it is not my path. Peter, who lives alchemy, takes these tinctures to another level completely.
    Peter sent me several tinctures both for people and for myself that I knew and it gave me the chance to see these tinctures in action. In all cases, they were able to bring about changes, even in people who were extremely depressed about the illnesses they were suffering. In all cases taking of these tinctures were the beginning of them becoming well.
    I personally used his fennel tincture. I have painful acid reflux which sometimes does not go away with normal treatment. It is not pleasant, it is the sort of wake up in the middle of the night vomiting sort of thing. I was reluctant to take the fennel at first because the idea of putting a strong alcohol in my stomach during one of those nights is not something I would instinctively do. I asked the spirit to heal the acid reflux and took the drops and it vanished completely. It has done so every time I have had a bad attack.
    A student of my was suffering from depression and found that she started to get a handle on her problems when she took Peter’s Melissa tincture.
    On the whole I think that there is definitely something in the tintures that Peter creates.

    Nick Farrell
    Magic Order of the Aurora Aurea.

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