Psychology and esoterism


Psychology and esoterism. These days its very common that people tend to confuse mundane therapy with a esoteric Path. I think that the main issue is that it is a lack of true understanding the esoteric Path what it means and what it implies. Many think therapy will help them to progress on the esoteric path. This will be not the case since starting this path one should have the basics in order. I know many are drawn to it to solve personal issues and hope to find their answers in it.

When one follows a true esoteric path issue will come up and one should deal with it in order to progress. Unforunately many will be in more throuble then before they began on the esoteric path. And then blame the path for it. Psychology is just scratching on the surface of reality and just start to discover matters that are known for thousands of years to the inner traditions. The world is much bigger then modern psychology. A better approach is in my humble oppion to start solving issues as such (with or without psychology) and when one is strong enough really start on an esoteric path. When used wisely psychology can be helpful but only initially.