The Holy Lotus Spagyric tincture.

Here you can see the process of making the spagyric tincture of the Pink Lotus or Nellumbo nucifera.

Big dark pink Lotus Flower photo

2 thoughts on “The Holy Lotus Spagyric tincture.

  1. Hi Peter!

    Thank you for this great demonstration! I am beginning the basic tincture with Melissa tomorrow using maceration and had just a few questions.

    When using a Soxhlet extractor, is it necessary to filter the extracted liquid, i.e. did you take the bright pink liquid extracted from the Lotus and filter it to make the amber liquid pictured later? If so, then why is it necessary to filter the extracted pink liquid? Does not the paper in the thimble serve this purpose?

    Secondly, what becomes of the flower in the thimble from which the liquid was extracted? Is it necessary to specifically use the substance from which the liquid was previously extracted or did you just use a whole other portion of lotus for calcining?


    And what of the flower in the paper filter? Is it necessary to


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