Asthma transformation part II


Last night the transformation process came back in the form of a dream. Normally it very common to dream something about a process one is in. In this dream I was at home and I was coughing and I was short of breath near to an asthma attack. Then suddenly I have to cough very hard and some substance came out of my lungs. Two to be accurate. These two substances were colorless and  jelly like. It had the size of an apple. First I was shocked because I thought, wow is this coming out of my lungs? I showed it to my wife who was impressed too what came out of my lungs. The interesting past is that in the dream the asthma attack and the pressure on my breast was gone. Even more interesting when I woke up this morning my shortness of breath was gone as well. The last weeks I have had as I wrote before times I have to take Valerian tincture when I felt short of breath. This is completely gone since the dream last night till now. It seems something energetically has removed as well. I’m curious how this will maintain the coming time but it looks promising. I’m still very happy I don’t have to take Seretide any more and that my body cures itself with the help of my own tinctures and also some natural medication from my homeopathic doctor.

Ora et labora!

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