On Books

On Books related to the Great Work.

In our western world the intellectual abilities are very overestimated. They (intellectual abilities) are important as a servant but not as a master. I like books a lot but…..
Books are important but not the most important tools. Together with study, meditation and integration they have a part in it. The most important tool is ones own intuition and the ability to tap into our Higher aspects of the mind. Our inner guidance  under the guidance of the Supreme Being is the most important source of knowledge. Secondly in relation to this ‘experience’ with those matters are more important then books. Sometimes the intellect (Ruach) is an obstacle for real progress, it should be used to serve wisely. Books helps experience to relate but ‘doing’ the Work helps us to evolve on the Path of Return. Not by obtaining book knowledge. Wisdom isn’t from books, its from experience skillfully integrated into our daily life to benefit all sentient beings.

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