Influences on my Path.

As you could have read in my  ‘ about ‘ I mentioned I have had and still have different  influences . I will sum up the influences on my Path to have an idea. Music. I’m a guitar player and play electric guitar and bass. I have a very broad taste from metal to classical music, Jazz World music, Native american music. For many years I played in bands and gave music lessons. This stopped about 20 years ago since my path seems to turn to another side. Back in 2008 I had a music revival and made some recordings of music at home with the use of my computer. Here you can hear some compositions I made back in 2008 to have an idea.



Approaching the coast.

  • Thelema. I started my so called career with Thelema within the OTO and the A.’A.’..


  • The Thoth tarot deck was the trigger in 1993 since I was captured by its beauty. I still use this deck since for me its still one of the most the most beautiful decks.


  • This has its basic influences in the start, my magical roots so to speak. Was involved in this for about 10 years and I’d learned a lot from it. It still has its influence on my present Work. Nowadays I focus my work related to Thelema mainly on my aspiration to the A.’.A.’.. We started a Clerk House this year. 

  • Tibetan Buddhism.

Guru Rinpoche statue in my sanctum.

  • I was trained in a Tibetan Buddhist tradition and learned the basics of meditation.
  •  There are some Genuine Tibetan Masters that inspire me deeply  all the time Like  Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.
HH Dilgo Khentse 2

HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

  • Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
  • I was member of different GD Orders but to be frank it seems they lost their way in my experience. But it is still one of the traditions  of Western Magic that influences many other  lineages today. But it is still a source of inspiration for me.

  • Theosophy. The Theosophical society.  The Secret doctrine as basic of basics. The writings of H.P.B. Blavatsky, G de Purucker, William Judge, Katherine Tingley are very inspiring.

H.P.B. Blavatsky

  • Native American Shamanism/ Shamanism/ Druidism. I have a very strong connection with this tradition and the spirits of this tradition are still very helpful. From time to time I do spontaneous journeys that helps me a lot on the Path. The way of the heart.

Brother Wolf

  • BOTA. Builders of the Adytum. Born from the Golden Dawn tradition. In my view its a bit limited but I’d learned a lot from it as well. The Tarot meditations are very valuable.

  • AMORC. I’m a  member of this Rosicrucian order. It broadens my perspective as well.


  • Different private teachers in the Alchemical tradition and was involved in some small research groups like Heredom and Inner Garden. This tradition has for me the deepest connection as you can see on my blog. My passion for Alchemy is deeply rooted.


OSMTH. Priory of Scotland.


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