Alchemy for money hype.


Inspired by a post on Facebook from a  friend  concerning alchemical products and selling them I would like to say something about it.

This post from Steve Kalec is what inspired me. He gave me permission to quote him here.

Facebook quote:

” ….There are many selling them. The buyers are mostly all dissapointed. The sellers are not getting rich on this. Do you think I would buy something someone claims knowledge and makes. NEVER. To protect themselves they so dilute the product to make sure no one gets poisoned and dies. I would never ever dare sell the things I make because we are all different and so many can be alurgic or even just too sensitive. You know that Peanut oil alone can kill some people. Can you imagine a suit against you.. I make them for myself ,and those whom I know need it and I know what I make. The study of alchemy is not about making a Spagyric business. It is about the work that leads one to initiation into the mysteries of Nature and the Self. In any case that what I am into. You don’t need to know anything about alchemy to make spagyric tinctures, or distilling oil essences, as such works are pure chemistry and are truly not alchemical. To make an alchemical elixir or a plant stone or an alkahest, or to extract the oils of metals and make true alchemical medicines will require years of practice and study. Listen again to Jean dubuis’ words……………………. “The whole alchemical process occurs simultaneously with the inner and the outer. The physical purification of the body with the preparation from the alchemical laboratory refine the energies and make them more receptive to the finer vibrations of the Cosmic. The spirit increases its awakening and consciousness expands. This increased consciousness enables us to further penetrate into the elixirs of the laboratory which reach then higher vibrations
and raise our self to a higher level. And thus the process continues and accelerates into an inner and outer spiral, into an evolution of consciousness.”

On the internet there are many people who do sell them and claim all kind of things about their tinctures, like many other services available on line. I see more and  more people who want to make a living by it and sell them as commercial products.

Why am I against this alchemy for money hype? First of all most of the time those tinctures are not really alchemical and more of chemical nature. If one knows the recipe and when one has the equipment on can make it technically speaking. But since every real alchemical tincture or product is an process in itself that takes time. It also requires  a lot of skill and inner and outer interaction from the maker. These proceses can be complicated (depending on the person) and depending on the spirit of the matter more or less successful. Second those tinctures have different effects on different systems since we are all different. Not everyone responds the same to this tinctures. When they are really alchemical they go even much, much deeper and can cause crisis to those who are not prepared. This mean inner preparation and preparation of the subtle channels. When there are blockages issues come up some small and some even very bad. One should know this because sometimes its necessary in order to heal , this is a common phenomena with the use of alchemical products. And thirdly one should be very cautious when those tinctures are sold and harm others because they are allergic to a certain substance. This can bring the alchemist in question into big trouble in mundane life but also Karmically. The inner development and purification of the alchemist takes years of training, practice and study.

In my case I test my products myself and they do induce inner and outer effects as part of my personal process. Then if needed I give them to family members whom I sense they could need it. I tune in into the person in order to check its wise to give it to them. Then I have friends in which I do the same. When I feel they can benefit from it I give it to them. In the last case there are some people who contacted me by Facebook and want to test a tincture from me. To them I gave it as wel, when I sense its ok to do so. But I never sell them. There were individuals who offered money for my Enses but I refused it and will always refuse that. On top if this tinctures are an integral part of myself and extension of myself and feel like ‘my children’. They are magical creations and tools aid and helped by the powers that be, Nature itself. By all saying this its very important to be able to tune into someone else. In other words to sense what is needed. The same should be done by making alchemical tinctures. A real Alchemist tune in into his work and communicate with the spirit involved in order to make it successful and to gain knowledge what is required. The most important part of making an Alchemical products cannot be found in books or texts but are from the ‘inner planes’. Its all about raising vibrations from the maker and the products he made.

Money and the spiritual path is a very bad mix in my opinion. It cause an impure attitude that block real progress on the Path of Return. The path of Alchemy is the Royal Path of initiation and be in tune of Nature, guided by our Higher Self. It has nothing to do with making a living from it and starting a spagyric business to only blocks the proces.

Its not ‘we’ that makes it happen, its a precious gift of God or Nature that allows us to do so. We are just a chancel to receive this precious gift to altruistically help others. We only may humbly hope we can maintain this and never lose the pure motivation.

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