Spagyric tincture projects. An example.

The last years I made several simple Spagyric tinctures. Here I would like to show the process of one of those.

There is a process of the separation of the elements in this case the salts (plant matter) is separated after extraction. This can be done in a mason jar or with a sox let extractor. These plant salts after they are use should be calcinated (burned) till they are light grey. Then solved into distilled water. Then filtered and then evaporated. What is left are the white salts from the plant. This should be put into the tincture and the the period of circulation will come. This can be a month or more. This process is called the weddings process. In this example on the pictures you can see my Blue Lotus spagyric tincture. There are diverse methods to do this and this is one of those. Its important before, during and after the Work that one tunes in what one is doing. This aspect, communication with the spirit  and know what is going on energetically is of utter importance to make the process Alchemical.



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