On testing spagyric tinctures.

Testing Tinctures (from oneself or from others) is a very delicate matter. In my view and experience it is very important to take some things in consideration before you test a tincture. First of all it is very important to tune into the tincture. This can be done by holding the bottle or by meditate on it. Depending on the results one start the test or postpone it. Secondly, it is better not to take many different tinctures or other medication (when possible) when one test it. Also depending what the tincture is for. This to avoid mixing vibrations of different remedies. Thirdly one should take a period, 2 weeks or a month, maybe longer, to ingest daily and record when effects occur. These effects can be very intens or very subtle depending on the individual. From the start it is not always clear how these alchemical products turn out since we are all different and especially on the energetic level the effects can be very deep or on a long term. It is of utter importance that one: tune in, have the right timing and use the right dosage. This is also true with alchemical Work in general.

Valerian Spagyric tincture 1

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