Inner Work.


The Mountain of the Philosophers.

The inner Work is very important in order to purify our inner world and know how to communicate effectively with the intelligences that inhabit our inner world. There is a direct cause and effect between our inner and outer world also called ‘eso sphere’ and ‘exo sphere’. These intelligences were also called ‘Neters’ by the ancient Egyptians or ‘sub persona’s’ in Jungian psychology. If one is not aware of the inner world nor accepting this it is very hard to make real progress in Alchemy. Obviously there are many ways to work with our inner world. Some use prayers, others use rituals, path workings etc, they effect the inner world and when done properly it is effective but,  in my humble opinion, ‘Trance Work‘ is the most effective in my experience. Because it is a very direct method. At the end of the day we should be able to communicate and unite with higher aspects of our mind. That is the goal and the Path of initiation. Most of us are dominated by the lower aspects of our mind that induce greed, envy, lust, anger etc. And contra productive and most of the time selfish and destructive. We should transform and purify that just like we purify the elements when we do our lab work. When doing lab work this inner aspect purifies as well but on a lower level depending on the level of the work. When one does very advanced alchemical Work, the effects are very deep as well. If one calcinate plant matter it will not say that you cleaned you body and channels completely, just a tiny part of it. Therefore we need to be trained to open our inner senses, our inner 5 senses. I warn the reader not to do this on his/her own. It needs to be done with a tutor/ teacher that really knows (is an expert or so called Adept ) how this works because this method can be very dangerous or is not effective at all. One has to be aware that it can mess up ones mind with all kind of bad consequences. Working with ones mind is a very delicate matter. Like every real initiation this cause a crisis that is a natural effect but need to be dealt with in a proper way. Dealing with this type of crisis is important and a footstool to climb up on the Mountain of initiation.


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