My attitude towards the simple Spagyric tincture.


The Alchemist

The method I use is more or less described in chapter III from Fr Alebertus Alchemist’s Handbook. He call it a Herbal elixir. I call it in my post a ‘simple spagyric tincture’ since I extract (accelerate way with the sox let extractor or by circulation) the herb. And calcinate the plant matter to wed it for a month on a moderate warm plate (40 Celsius). Its a simple Spagyric tincture since I don’t extract or separate the sulphur from the plant only the salts. Its a Spagyric tincture when one separate all 3 of them, purify them and wed those elements together. I have to say, and others tested it as well, that these sp tinctures I made are very effective. However the Ens is more powerful because its process is more complicated and deeper. But it is a substance on another plane. It all has to do with…

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