Plant Stone of Rosemary Project

The Plant Stone is a very interesting and important process of spagyrics and generally in our Art. It has all the pure healing qualities of the plant in a very concentrated form. So a plant stone is very powerful in many ways when properly made. Here is more information about the plant Stone from John Reid III, in that case a Hyssop Plant Stone Plant Stone In this gallery you see how I made the plant Stone Rosemary till the moment of digestion. There are many different ways of making a plant Stone some are complicated others are simple. The method I used was the method of making a simple plant Stone. Salts of sulfur and salts of salts mixed and added volatile oil of Rosemary.  It takes weeks, months before the Plant Stone is ready for use. Here is a video of the calcination of the Salts of Sulfur the agony of the Soul: 

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