Universal Brotherhood

The Great White Brotherhood.

“Persons capable of entering by themselves into communion with the great spiritual brotherhood receive direct teachings and will continue to be directly guided by the spirit of wisdom. Those less gifted by nature and still in need of help and guidance will find it in the outer organisations of the Society.
Our community has always existed, ever since the day of creation when God issued this Divine Commandment: ‘Let there be Light.’ It will continue its existence to the end of time. It is the Society of the Children of Light, the society of those who live in Light.
“In our School, we receive the direct guidance of Divine Wisdom, the will of which is free, and its disciples are chosen amongst its devotees.
The mysteries taught to us comprise all that it is possible for men to know about God, about nature, and about man. Without such knowledge, no human being can be wise, and it is in our school that all the wise of the earth have been trained.
Among our members are some who do not dwell in this terrestrial world but belong to other spheres of the Universe. Our disciples are scattered over all parts of the starry worlds. We study but one book: that of nature, which encloses the keys of all secrets. In our study of it, we follow but one method: that of experience. Our meeting place is the Temple of the Holy Ghost – that Holy Ghost which permeates the Universe and which the elect easily discover whilst it remains hidden to the eyes of the profane. Our secrets cannot be bought or sold, but we give them freely to whomsoever is capable of receiving them.
Whenever Invisible Spiritual Beings manifest their will on the outer plane and appear in this world, an association is formed in the beginning between a few enlightened and capable individuals, thus giving birth to a nucleus to which other individuals are attracted. Invariably, in proportion to the association’s increase, disparate elements are attracted to it. These are people who are either incapable of understanding its principles and following them or those whose aim is to place the whole organization in the hands of an unwholesome majority controlled by them.
Thus, in view of the trouble caused by the merely selfish ends of such initiates, the enlightened minority withdraws from the activity, taking back into secrecy its work. The majority, pursuing for some time its ghostly existence, sooner or later dies, for no living form, be it man or society can continue to live after the principle that is its life has vanished.”
“This is the reason why our organisation keeps its secrets and reveals neither its name nor its See to the profane.
This is also why, though it earnestly desires that the teachings be spread among the profane, it renounces public propaganda as a means of multiplying the number of its members. The Initiators and the Initiates remain unknown. If some say that the outer society will gather but few members in this way, it is easy to answer that it has a spiritual head and that those who are worthy to be admitted will be led to it by their intuition. Those who are deprived of the necessary intuition are not ready.
A comparatively small number of capable and enlightened members is always preferable to a multitude of unprepared and indifferent ones.
From the above, it is easy to draw the conclusion that the first condition to which the new disciple must submit himself is that of silence on all that concerns the Society; not because it has anything that must not be known to the virtuous or the good, but because it is at one and the same time necessary and prudent that high and sacred things not be exposed to the vulgar to be perverted or profaned by them.
Another condition is required: It is the mutual confidence between initiator and disciple, for a disciple who has no faith in his initiator cannot be taught or guided by him. Such things seem strange in the beginning; but when the disciple has attained a certain grade of evolution, everything becomes clear. The unfoldment which leads to the awakening of the inner senses is slow; but without patience and courage, nothing can be achieved.
The victory of the higher self over the lower in man is a manifestation of the victory of the divine consciousness over the terrestrial and the animal. The object is always the realisation of man’s true nature and the acquisition of conscious immortality.”
“Silence, we say, veils the sanctuary with an impenetrable shield, and only the worthy can ever hope to penetrate it. The word unknown comes from the Latin incognitus. It is this word which is represented by the letter “l”. Many disobeyed this and in the way of things took knowledge and set up on their own.”


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