The Great Work and priorities.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

We all know that our ego is full of excuses. When certain work needs to be done what is good for us the ego protests. Over the years I saw many variations from students but also in my personal development I encountered them too. Beside the ego there are some other factors that prevent us from doing the Work. That are expectations from peers, family, job etc. This who have a busy social life have very hard times to create time for doing the Work.

Another factor is ‘Karma’  (internal = thinking patterns  and external = conditions/ situations that come back again and again ) and tests that come from the higher order the so called third order. All those factors make it extremely hard to do the work. In earlier stages its for many almost impossible to do something. Even simple tasks and questions are hard to deal with. Especially when one has applied to a genuine magical order. We all know, especially those who have experience with it but continued their Work that mainly our inner condone is responsible for this obstacles. Our inner world has its own ways of doing things and as many occultists know is that we are microcosmic. What happens inside will manifest outside as well. As the Buddha said  in the Dhammapadha “We are what we think”.  This implies are then just a thought, it implies thought patterns, habits, education, presumptions etc. Its actually a very deep statement. In magick we all know that words have power and when we repeat them they tend to manifest in the outer world. Thoughts are energies, a word is a manifestation of a thought and has its qualities and thus has its energies related to it. In the Kabbalah the human psyche is classified under different parts.

We ave the Nephesh (our instincts, hapbits, desires), we have our Ruach, our thinking faculty. The rational mind, we have the Neshamah our intuition, Chiah our higher Will and the Yechidha or Higher Self. This last three are full accessed by the initiate by overcoming the lower binary. So the higher faculties of our mind are then in control. By the uninitiated isn’t that he case, they are under control of the lower binary. So then we have a limited view on our live, and a limited control over our life. Especially the Nephesh and the Ruach are creating the issues and problems we encounter when we talk about priorities. Since they also functioning separately they can have very different motivations for why we do certain things or not. Like our thinking mind says “smoking is bad for your health, don’t do it. The nephesh says …”one cigarette is not a problem’. I need the cigarette because I have stress etc etc. That also explains why people saying the one thing and doing the other.

How can we overcome all this? The answer is simple but its hard to do. One need to cut activities that aren’t productive for the Great Work (as far as when can recognize them). And starts all practices on daily basis and never skip them, be determent. Like a simple mediation practice or a daily ritual. Then during the process one adds more and more. Also one cuts out things that only cost time but are not productive at all. Endlessly socializing, talking yapping only prevent us from doing what really matters. How did I learn this? Actually Learned this when I quit smoking. I understand my deep reason why I smoked and instead of smoking I meditated. Or did something else related to the GW. Also watching a lot to TV should be skipped. Just watch something you like and switch the television off. Read books about the paths of attainment, books that elevate consciousness. Of one d this relentlessly one gets the discipline in thoughts and actions. Also one sees patterns by keeping te magical diary. Because that is one of the main practices as well. Slowly, and that can take years, one attains the level of “Do Easy” like William Burroughs called it. With the right focus (mindfulness) doing certain tasks and don’t get distracted doing something useless.

“Do Easy” was a magical technique put forth by William Burroughs that consists of doing whatever you do in the most relaxed and efficient way possible — or, as Jason Louv of UltraCulture puts it, “re-training your brain to do everything in the fewest number of steps.”



This whole process is all together very complicated but should be taken in very small steps. Also the magical training, taming the mind, get access to the higher aspects of our mind together with the Knowledge and Conversation of our Holy Guardian Angel, brings us to the level from Neophyte to Adept. This process will be continued in the other Adepts grades and finally to the final step of crossing the Abyss. The Outer order grades of the A.’.A.’. trains the student to the level one finally controls ones mind and attain the KCHGA. In the meanwhile the struggle from the aspirant is dealing with daily life issues, distractions, etc etc. If one is serious about the work, and when one really wants to attain this steps should be taken. Sweep away alle unnecessary activities, unproductive habits into productive ones dig deep into one own psyche to magically get control over our inners sphere, inner World. Get rid of this unneeded thoughts like feeling guilty, pleasing people all very old christian imprints to get the mob moving and under control.  The process includes moments of dispair, spiritual dryness and the so called dark night of the soul. This all should be experienced and overcome in order to get glimpses of illumination.

Love is the law, love under will.


4 thoughts on “The Great Work and priorities.

  1. Dear Brother,
    Thanks for a very elucidating and concise post about the foremost difficulties on the Path of Return. I would like to add a few additional remarks, based on my personal experiences and thoughts about this so far..

    Although initially this path is relatively personal, the longer one travels this Road the narrower it becomes in terms of diversity of experiences. But it takes a while to get there so to speak. But the complexity of what one thinks, life is bringing to him or her will diminish over time.

    In the meantime, act with compassion towards yourself. Accept that you may make ‘mistakes’ or get distracted. That is fine. However, don’t let yourself be led astray permanently.

    To go astray can take different forms / shapes: examples…
    a) I’m not good enough for this…it is too difficult
    b) Why am I doing this?
    c) this is boring….other spiritual paths are ‘easier’, ‘more interesting’ ;
    d) I’m too busy with work, family and other important matters…
    e) etc.

    All of this might be true (for the moment), but in the end it depends on the personal choices being made. How do you want to spent your time? What is important to you? (and why?)
    Become aware of what is going on inside you and around you, helps to make choices that you can stick with.

    Coming back on the ‘boring comment’ made previously..
    By becoming ‘too eclectic’, one encounters the dangers of getting into a ‘spiritual stasis’, i.e. putting a lot of effort in a variety of spiritual experiences which essentially let you learn / do / experience the same things over and over again. As a consequence one may acquire a ‘broad knowledge’ but never get experience of the Road itself, always staying in the prep stage.

    And although it can be true that a specific approach to the Path (for example: Thelema, Chaos Magick, or Buddhism, New Age thought, Christianity, etc), offers seemingly a different approach and perspective…it does not in the end. (but in all honesty: I don’t really know..haven’t experienced it myself yet).

    However, all these different ‘Schools of Thought / perspectives enable people to connect initially, taking into discount that we a) all come from different backgrounds, cultures, times and places. and b) live in a world of duality…in a perceived reality that is seemingly based on opposites.

    So yes, there is a lot of distraction going on. But then: becoming mindful about what is happening inside / outside you helps a lot.

    On that note: listen to people around you, especially those who know you a bit. I have a few good friends who help me by asking and questioning what I am doing. And although these conversations are not always pleasant , they help me to stay focused and re-calibrate if necessary.

    Get going: even if you do one simple thing a day, it helps you to move forward. Be easy and start nudging :-).

    In summary:
    be compassionate;
    be focused;
    be open to the word around and within you

    93, 93/93

    Fr. S.V.A.T.F.

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    • 93,

      Its a nice addition but the main issue is the way people fail to apply this. Beside this, I’m not sure the Buddhistic approach is very helpful in my experience since buddhism is full of hypocrisy. That is what I’ve learned during last 13 years. Many Lamas’ themselves aren’t able to resist the temptations of samsara. Even The Dalai Lama is manipulated by politics and money. (If you look at the Sogyal Lakar issue)

      Sometimes stronger measures are needed to weed out certain habits. And then the Thelemic way will be more appropriate. What I mean by this is that one reduce bad habits by the power of ‘will’. Applying ‘will power’ is one of the most important parts of all this. I’m not talking about our “True Will’ because that Will is from another plane. What I see is that many fail to apply simple will power and stick to it. Compassion will help till a certain extended but applied with the right level of ‘will power’. Many misunderstand ‘compassion’ and think they can make mistakes over and over. And thus ending up practicing their mistakes. Instead one should safe time by practicing good habits. The point is that one learns to focus to the inner world and not to the outer world. And then translate that to our outer world as a practice. The outer world is full of ‘good advices’ but few good advices the advisor realized him/her self. The road to hell is paved with many good intentions 😉 Make it a habit to listen to our inner voice and know what kind of the voice is genuine and what not is an excercise in itself and the Key to magick.

      93 93 93

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  2. Thank you Frater for pointing out the dynamics of 5 levels/aspects of a soul or soul consciousness. It’s always revelatory to spot them in action, observe and work with them e.g. “regroup” them in terms of our clinging and choices. Also, I find the reference to William Burroughs and Jason Louv approach very helpful.

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