Tarot connections


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


Since this week I’m experimenting with cut cards so to speak. I cut off the borders of my Thoth Tarot deck. Someone wrote an article on in in a Facebook group and also I’ve got an article about this. Its inspired me a lot and in this article I wrote my first findings of the relation of those cards that seem geometrically to fit very well. Obviously it needs much more meditation but its interesting to contemplate on it.


My first impression.

On the bottom Atu II, Priestess, in the middle Atu XII The hanged man and on top. Ace of cups. First of all, it all connected to water. The priestess to the Moon, Hanged man to element water and the Ace of cups Root of the powers of water highest aspect of beauty. The Holy Grail so to speak. Related to the paths. It’s the 13th path Atu II, the 23rd path Atu XII. The ace is related to Kether like the path of the Priestess leads to Kether. In between there is the hanged man, the Adept that cross the abyss on the middle pillar. The 23rd path is from Hod to Geburah and the 13th path from Tiphareth to Kether. When added up one gets number 36 (23 + 13 = 36) 6+3 = 9 and is related to Yesod the sephirah below Tiphareth also on the middle pillar. This constellation is the crossing (realization) from the perspective of beauty or Tiphareth. And its foundation in sephiroth 9 which mean foundation. Yesod is also the lower aspect of Binah (3) a reflection. In this sphre the Great Mother , Binah is reflected in a very mundane way. The Adept opens the veil and get rid of his ego that is why the figure is actually faceless. Its known in all schools of realization that the ego is the one that causes the biggest trouble. One should be control the ego and not otherwise. Everything on that level will be amplified and that is why the groundwork is so important. Once realized one get the “Holy Grail” or ace of cups. It seems that the middle pillar is the purification and realization within the context of water. From its most gross till the most subtle indications.



The connection The Moon with the Empress. Some first correspondences that just pops into my mind;

The picture seem to fit in a way as you see on the picture.

The 29th path from Malkuth to Netzach. Netzach = 7th sephriah. (The lower aspect of “Love’, transformed into the higher aspect of Love the union of Binah and Chockmah is the Empress III) and 14th path on the Tree. Adding up 43 makes 4+3 = 7. Atu VII is the Chariot. That is the 18th path(crossing the Abyss). Cheth full  numerical value equals 418 (Abrahadabra). The Moon is the Ordeal the two towers with the Holy Scarab in the middle with the Sun. The Ordeal leads to Daleth (means ‘door’ or ‘doorway’) the connection between Chockmah and Binah. The Empress is the higher aspect of Love. In the context of the New Aeon (418) The Sun in the scarab the moon on the empress card. Sun and the Moon united. The inner Sun or Star, ones Inner God, will be completely revealed after the ordeal of successfully passing/ crossing the Abyss. The Star or Sun is our True Will united by the means of ‘Love’. makes ‘Love under Will’.

Read also Liber Cheth with is the expression in words from this crossing. Number 7 is also related to Babalon, the seven pointed Star of our Noble Order.

Many, many other correspondences and formula’s will be possible to distill from this constellation. I encourage you to do so and draw your own lines after your own meditations.


Love is the law, love under will.


Frater Parusha©







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